11 aprile 2015
[Italian version]

I was born in 1975 in Germany, but I have spent the greater part of my life in Puglia, in a small town in the Salento. In 1999 I moved to Milan. My passion for photography began when I became interested in meteorology, taking photos of extreme weather conditions. Returning to the Salento in 2007, I continued with my interest in photography, concentrating mainly on landscape photography.
In 2012, whilst I was in the capital for a year, I became interested in other photographic styles and influences, architecture and urban and industrial landscapes. My photographs are of the Salento where I live.

The principal theme of my work is the aesthetic equilibrium that I try to attain with compositions which are clean, precise and minimalistic. I prefer an ambience full of intrigue and mystery, but, most of all, full of silence. Time and space do not have an absolute dimension; everything, past, present and future can be captured in the same moment. For me, photography is to observe, and to move and breathe slowly, in antithesis to the modern chaotic, frenetic world.

Initially I was self-taught. In 2012 I attended a course taking photographs of street, urban and landscape subjects near to the “Officine Fotografiche” in Rome. I have participated in numerous photographic workshops dealing with reportage, fashion and landscape photography.